Pricing Table FAQs

Can I change my theme while using Pricing Table?

Yes. Just make sure to resave your tables so they reflect in your new theme files.

Can I directly add a product to the cart from my pricing table?

Sure. Simply paste this link into the button URL field and replace YOUR_STORE and VARIANT_ID with the correct information:

For example, your link might look like:

For help on finding a product variant id, see this Shopify help section.

Always give things a test run to see if everything is working properly before you put your table onto your store.

I can't install my table.

Please see our installation guide.

My tables don't look the same as the editor. What should I do?

Sometimes your theme styles affect your tables. For example, your theme font is inherited into the displayed version of your table. This is usually preferred for visual consistency across your site, however, if you want to override these styles, try setting them using the style editor.

Where can I upload an image to use in my table?

It's always good practice to upload your own images to use for your site so that they aren't removed or changed without you knowing. To use an image in your pricing table, simply upload it to Shopify using the file uploader and copy the provided URL and paste it into your pricing table.